About Us


   United together young artists of contemporary  art, culture and education for creating of joint projects. We enable the  artists to create and show their own projects. 

Generate excitement

 We are art gallery with strong energetic with a quality vision of art .  We look forward to assisting you with your fine art acquisitions!  Studio 84 represents an amazing stable of internationally known artists .Come and view the myriad of Oils, Pastels, Bronzes, Watercolor and Pottery showing the diverse talents of our artists. 

Close the deal

 Our gallery specializes in museum-quality works of art from a stable of  nationally-known painters and sculptors. The works of art in our gallery  promise to inspire and illuminate the soul.  Our experienced and friendly staff looks forward to assisting you as you  begin or expand your fine art collection. We are glad to provide  information regarding our established and up and coming artists.