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San Felipe TS0031W-80 - 37L x 7.09W x 30.71H (inch)

   This is one of a kind, a gorgeous model of the San Felipe. All  details are handcrafted from beautiful wood such as mahogany, teak, rose  wood and other exotic wood. The hull is constructed using plank on  frame method, each strip of exotic wood are carefully join together to  form a smooth hull. This model is completely hand built to spec by  skillful and creative master craftsmen; you will be amazed at how real  it looks. On the ship, you will spot amazing components such as: wooden  bowsprit, foremast, mainmast, and mizzen mast. They are all connected to  numerous fabric sails with detailed stitching, all rigging are  painstakingly fastened by hand in matching colors. And of course, this  model was built according to scale through original plans, pictures and  drawings. Limited edition. Weve only built 3 of these so far.

Amerigo Vespucci TS0123P-80 - 37L x 9.443 W x 26.37 (inch)

 Mantua are also based in Italy and are also able to supply very high  quality fittings and building materials for the model boat builder.  Italian Navy training ship, 1931. Planned by Lieutenant Francesco  Rotundi following the trends of sailing war vessels. She was launched in  1931 at the Navy's ship yard of Castellammare di Stabia, Naples.

In  the late 1920s, the Italian navy began construction of two ships for  training their officer cadets at Sea, Cristoforo Colombo and Amerigo  Vespucci. The design chosen was that of a seventy-four-gun frigate,  though they had steel hulls and carried double top gallants, auxiliary  power, and other modern devices. Amerigo Vespucci Ship Model Kit was named for the Florentine explorer  for whom the sixteenth century German cartographer Martin  Waldseemuller, named the newly discovered land masses to the West. Her  full lines are in sharp contrast to the majority of sail-training  vessels. A letter from a Norwegian submarine commander having  encountered the two sister ships reads as follows: “On breaking surface, I took a quick look around and got a shock. I  had gone down in the 20th century and come up again in the 18th century,  for there stood in front of me, two majestic men-of –war, under a press  of canvas and sailing proudly. Following  the Second World War, her sister ship was acquired by the Soviet Union.

USS Constitution TS0023W- 80 36L x 6.69W x 26.77H (inch)

 Finely-crafted details and museum-quality features define these Limited Edition scale replica tall ship models of the USS Constitution. Devoted attention to historical accuracy ensures that every detail on “Old Ironsides”  matches the US Navy’s oldest fighting tall ship as she still sails  today. As the centerpiece of a den, office or meeting room, or perhaps  setting a patriotic nautical tone for a family living room or corporate  boardroom, this Limited Edition tall model ship is certain to inspire with her indomitable spirit and patriotic history. Art gallery in Galveston

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 KRISTINA GALYTSKAYA  (b. 1984,  lives and works in  Houston, TX) received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts, Odessa, Ukraine and her MFA from Art Center College of Design, Moscow, Russian.  During her undergraduate and graduate years, she studied under Mike  Kelley, Christopher Williams, Liz Larner, Richard Hawkins, Haim  Steinbach, and Marilyn Minter.ai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo. 

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